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Overview: Hartz Capital
Edward Stern
Founder, Hartz Capital

Executive Profiles

Ron Bangs
Chief Financial Officer
The Hartz Group
Timothy P. Terry
Secretary and General Counsel
Noah B. Lerner
Senior Vice President
​Edward Stern is the founder and President of Hartz Capital, the investment arm of The Hartz Group, Inc. Together with his father, Leonard, Edward helps to oversee the corporate activities of The Hartz Group, Inc.
The Hartz Capital portfolio is managed opportunistically, with investments across a wide range of asset classes including debt and equity securities, financial and physical commodities, and direct equity investments. Most recently, Hartz Capital's investment activities have focused on the acquisition of properties for the development of oil and gas in emerging shale plays.
Prior to forming Hartz Capital, Mr. Stern served as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Hartz Mountain Corporation, then America's largest manufacturer and distributor of pet supplies. Mr. Stern oversaw the successful reorganization and sale of this business, The Hartz Group's core, legacy operating business.
Mr. Stern holds a B.A. from Haverford College (1987) and is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow (1988).
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